Get Happiness by Changing Your Beliefs


What you believe is true in your life.  People have all manner of beliefs that prevent them from experiencing happiness in their lives.  They hold these beliefs and use them to interpret all the events that occur in their lives.  Ask yourself:  Do your beliefs serve you well,   do they make you feel stronger or do they weaken your life?

You may find this question strange but it is one that can open up a whole new understanding if people pursue it.  Let us take a look at some of the beliefs people carry around that prevent them from being totally happy.

Financial Beliefs:

I can only be happy when I won the lottery,  you may ask yourself what is wrong with this belief.  All of us dream of the day when we are debt free.  However no matter how little or how much money people have, everyone has to manage their money.

Emotional Beliefs:

Only if my divorce comes through, can I be happy!  The problem with this belief is that there are so many variables.  The divorce settlement may take a long time.  Are you really going to give up all opportunities for an unknown period of time?  Many people in spite of an expectation of happiness (if the divorce is settled)  feel very sad when a divorce finally comes through even if the marriage was not healthy.

Identity Beliefs:

I have a medical condition, or a bad marriage, or an addiction, or a rebellious child…..and gave that the reason why they can not be happy.  As we go through life,  most of us will face some life challenge.  Are we all to accept such a limited view of our capacity for happiness?

Thankfully, happiness is not a result of our circumstances!  Happiness is a result of our frame of mind!  We can and must become more aware of our limiting beliefs and change them and by doing that we increase our capacity for happiness.

You deserve to be happy!