Finding Happiness Everyday


Everyone wants to be happy - but the question is how?

What do we need in order to be happy?   Love and money is the most common things people think about or feel they need to be happy.  Love and money are extremely important elements to have in our lives.  But, putting those aside,  let’s concentrate on how to find happiness in the little things in your life.

Little things like drinking a milk shake or walking through the park or a call from a friend can make you happy.  By starting to show appreciation for those little things that happen in your everyday lives,  will lessen your stress and allow you to notice the small stuff much more.  ” Take time to smell the roses” is exactly what I am suggesting.  You will become a much happier person if you can learn to become happy in the little things in life.

Some useful tips to keep in mind:

  • When you are feeling down or depressed,  go out and treat yourself to the foods that you love.  It is one of the simplest things that many people take for granted.  They forget that not everyone in the world can enjoy a delicious meal.  Not all the people around the globe get to enjoy the things that you are enjoying.  You are already considered lucky by just having the opportunity to eat healthy food.  So be happy and truly grateful for the privilege of abundance.
  • Surround yourself or set yourself up in comfortable surroundings.  This could be a loving partner, an understanding family, good friends or a comfortable home. These things seem to help people feel a sense of contentment and happiness.  It also encourages a sense of security which will help you find happiness in the little things in your life.  One should always feel happy to know that you are safe and secure.  A night of peaceful sleep and sweet dreams is something many yearn for but never experience.  Consider yourself lucky if you are safe and secure.
  • Be patient,  but focused on your dreams and desires.  Many people desire things and want them immediately.  It is like they want to have it at the snap of their fingers and if they don’t get it,  life becomes stressful and depressing for them and they tend to think that they can’t find happiness.  This is definitely the wrong attitude to have to ensure a comfortable and successful life.  As long as you are focused on your desires in a positive way every day,  you will eventually attain those things.

The Universe always listens to us.  If you are constantly thinking negative thoughts,  you will end up receiving negative things in your life.  But if you think positive you will end up receiving positive things in your life.  Always remember that there is a silver lining to every dark cloud and whatever is dark in your life right now,  know that this shall pass.

Appreciate what you have today and build on that.  If you have a strong desire for more money,  focus on more money coming into your life and not on how little money you have today.  Work hard and stay focused,  so when the time comes that you achieve your goal,  you will have the feeling of happiness and contentment.  These are the things that sometimes we tend to forget about.

If you decide to take a new approach to life and try these simple steps,  you will be pleasantly surprised on how easy it is to find happiness in the little things in our everyday lives.  Happiness is every where!