AboutEsti Engelbrecht


Hi, I am Esti Engelbrecht, a Happiness Consultant and an Inspirationalist!

I use a Heart Centred Intuitive Holistic Approach – Body, Mind & Soul wellness is my main agenda.

All through my life I have been passionate about personal growth, self improvement and transformation for a very long time. All along my life I was yearning for the answers to what is my calling and I reflected on the questions: Who am I ?  What is my purpose on this planet ? How does life really work ?

By going inwardly and not being distracted by those things around me, I was able to connect with Spirit and after a long period of soul searching it became clear that I had to pursue my passion!

In my life:

I have lived

I have loved

I have lost

I have missed

I have hurt

I have trusted

I have made mistakes

But most of all - I HAVE LEARNED !

My mission is to help you to bring more happiness into your life – there is nothing more I could wish that to have everyone feel happy and content with their lives.

I offer inspirational, transformational individual counselling. Within Love Living Life Counselling you will learn how to release all the stress, struggle and resistance you have in your life and discover new ways of how to live a life that thrills you, that inspires you and moves you to higher levels of joy, abundance and peace in your life!   Get your free report: Free First Aid Kit For the Soul

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