8 Things Positive Thinkers Never Do









Finding the road to living life fully isn’t just about adding things to your life,  but it is also about saying ‘NO’ to certain things.  Breaking certain habits and/or stopping certain activities sometimes can be more challenging than learning to incorporate something new into your routine.  By eliminating the following activities, thoughts and attitudes from your life,  you will experience drastic improvements in your quality of life.

1.  Play Victim:

When you take a hold of your thoughts and actions,  it all of a sudden becomes a lot more difficult to blame others for your problems.  Positive thinkers tend to take charge of their destiny,  so when they mess up they have no problem taking blame for the consequences.  As a bonus,  by not focusing on people or events that may have unjustly impacted their lives negatively,  they can focus on moving forward.

2.  Not Show Gratitude:

Appreciation for the small things is what helps build a positive attitude in the first place.  It is hard to be depressed when you realize the wonders of electricity,  the internet technologies or indoor plumbing that were not around all that long ago.  There also are the timeless things to be grateful for like love, nature or friendship.

3.  Dwell On Negative Thoughts

Even positive thinkers occasionally have a negative thought pop up in their head,  because no one can only think 100% positive thoughts all of the time.  How they handle these negative thoughts is what sets them apart.  Instead of dwelling on the same negative thought over and over again,  positive thinkers will acknowledge the negative thought,  correct it and move on.  For example:  if someone who thinks positively most of the time thinks ” I’m really having a bad day today”  will not repeat that thought.  Instead they will think of all the good things that happened today or try to make the day better.

4.  Engage in Destructive Behavior

Positive thinkers tend to be focused on small steps to get to their larger goals so they tend to steer away from activities that impede their progress.  Eating too much, drinking too much and sleeping too little just aren’t things to do when everyday is considered to be an opportunity to enrich and improve your life.

5.  Hang Around a Negative Crowd

When you think positively,  the people who are always hating,  nay saying and all of that are just so tiring to be around.  Who wants to sit around listening to others whine about their troubles all of the time?  If these people are so cynical and pessimistic,  why aren’t they out doing something about their lives or the world rather than sitting and jabbering about it?

6.  Give upon what is important

Being a positive thinker does not mean NEVER giving up,  but it does mean not giving up on things that are important.  When you focus your mind towards a goal every single day,  giving up just becomes a non-option.

7.  Flail around aimlessly

Positive thinkers have a tendency to focus their mind towards progress, so they do not spend a lot of time lolly grabbing around.  Unless the goal is to take time to relax and do nothing,  positive thinkers work towards achieving their dreams rather than spending each day wondering aimlessly.

8.  Stress about Imaginary Scenarios

What is the point of worrying about something that isn’t even  happened yet or probably will never happen?  When you have a positive outlook on life,  you soon realize that the boogie man isn’t out to get you,  and even if he is,  it is a waste of time worrying about it!